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Another One Bites the Dust – Diary of a Plant Killer

Another one Bites the Dust

It was bound to happen, I knew another one of my plants would bite the dust and I am upset about it.

I had a very tough couple of months. Two of my family members were hospitalized for quite a while, we hosted Christmas, and it was my first year back to work and it was in retail, which means I was working more hours.

I didn’t really catch my breath in all that time and because I had guests, the plants were placed in our screened room. Days would go by and I wouldn’t even look at them.

In January I watered the three and I really overwatered the basil. I didn’t think much of it but then we had a cold snap. When I checked on them, basil was dead and I couldn’t get it to grow again. A part of me was hoping that a seed would flourish and grow.

Now I am down to two and my life is not spinning so fast. I take the time to smell the lavendar and make sure they both have plenty of water and sun.

Here’s to hoping this is the end of my killer thumb.

Acting Out Mama!

And Then There Were Three

Today we had a casualty. My son made a paper airplane out of poster board and it knocked over my thyme plant. Hence, I didn’t kill it, but it did have a terrible accident.

And then there were three . . .



Diary of a Plant Killer – Week 5 – Success?

So we have just completed week 5 in my experiment and here are the pictures and results.


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The thyme is growing quite nicely. I was hoping it would be overflowing by now, but I’m grateful it’s still alive.


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Basil is growing well, as well. It is by far, the prettiest one so far.


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The Parsley leaves that I know and love are starting to sprout and grow.  It is a little sparse, but I have faith it will flourish with time.


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What can I say, I am very worried that my “Plant Killer,” status might be rearing it’s ugly head. Lavender is not looking too good, I’m hoping it is just a phase.

Will see all of you in another 2 weeks!

Acting Out Mama!

Diary of a Plant Killer: Week 1

Hi, my name is Isabel and I am a Plant Killer.

I’m not sure why it happened but now that I am in my forties, it is really bothering me. I look back and find that there is no rhyme or reason to it, but it is true nonetheless.

I remember all those years that my Mom would take her trip to Dominican Republic and she would leave the most beautiful potted plants for me to babysit for 3 months. I was a college kid and well, couldn’t be bothered with anything that didn’t revolve around my social life, so I figure if I watered them every 5 to 7 days they would be ok, right? WRONG! Needless to say my Mom would come home to a row of shriveled up shrubbery and I would tell her I didn’t know what happened, I watered them; occasionally.

When I was older and became a Mommy of two, I decided to try again. The kiddies and I would buy the small hotboxes, plant the seeds, water them and place them on the ledge for sunlight. Within a couple of weeks they would look super cute in the pods and once they outgrew their pod we planted them outside around our oak trees and it happened again. This time it wasn’t watering but the squirrels felt like I had provided them some fresh snacks and they were gone within days.

So, I have now decided to take a walk of shame, via my blog. I am going to try again, to plant some seeds and see if they grow. Every two weeks I will update you with a new blog entry so that my shame or triumph is publicized.

Plant Diary - 1st Week

For all of you who are concerned, I am happy to say that this plant killing affliction does not go beyond me. My children bring home lima beans, daisies and other plants from school, that they have grown throughout the year and they are beautiful. Unfortunately, they arrive at my house and they meet the same inevitable doom that follows me.

Here is a picture of one of the 4 pots I planted. I planted 4 different plants: basil, thyme, parsley and lavender. I am really hoping, this will change my streak.

Polaroid Plant Killer Day One

So, there it is. See you in two weeks! Don’t forget to send some “green thumb” energy my way.

Acting Out Mama!