National Doughnut Day

Tomorrow is National Doughnut Day. I have already prepped for my eating of the doughnut. I have met my daily step goals, cut out processed sugars and counted calories so that I have a nice deficit at the end of the day.

I know that just because doughnuts have a holiday, I don’t have to have one but it is actually a good excuse to have one. I’m going to start checking the Internet for National Cheesecake Day, National Milkshake Day, National Key Lime Pie Day; you get the idea.

You can celebrate doughnut day by picking up multiple doughnuts,

making your own doughnuts,


or bringing out your best doughnut gear.


Doughnut Specials

Don’t forget to check out your local Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme for possible deals on doughnuts. Local grocery stores and/ or bakeries might offer some as well.

Have a great weekend!

Acting Out Mama!

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