Acting out Mama! I’m back!

A website of the daily ramblings, inner thoughts and feelings of a Stay at Home Mom just trying to find the perfect balance in life. 

Hi Everyone! It has been a really long while. As everything in life, changes have happened in the last 6 months and my focus was taken away from the blog. I have missed it, but now I am slowly coming back. Here is an update:

I Got a JobDSC_3580 DS

I couldn’t help myself. The allure of having money in hand to invest in my acting career led me to what I thought was the perfect part-time job. I was given the opportunity to work 6-8 hours a week, which meant I had lots of free time for the children and it really wouldn’t disrupt my primary role of Mother. I got to take new headshots and even taking acting classes, which have been invaluable and also kept me in the loop.

Unfortunately, in March I found out that my job was coming to an end. I put in my last 4 weeks and realized that although the job was fitting into my schedule, exhaustion and falling behind still occurred.


Someone near and dear to me was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer. My head reeled at the news in October  of last year and has not stopped. The ups and downs of test results, chemo and surgery made for long days and even longer nights. The takeaway so far is that no matter what, you breathe through all of it, you are going to get through it. The guilt of not being able to provide the person a reprieve was the hardest part for me.


My caregiving role has doubled since I started this blog and it is very humbling. It is hard to remind yourself that you need to take time to nourish yourself. Yes, their is always guilt involved but at the end of the day, I find that it makes me a more compassionate caregiver.

A Puppy!?!?!

Yep you read it right. After 10 years of asking, I finally caved and we got a puppy. Yes she is adorable but I totally didn’t realize what I signed up for. It is like having a third child. As I write this, she is chewing on my shoes and because she is a beagle, the howling has commenced.

Nothing, and I mean nothing can replace the feeling of when you get home and she decorates your face with kisses and gives you those puppy dog eyes. It is unconditional love and when you are being pulled every which way, it really is the  best medicine.

New Goal for the Website

If the last year has taught me anything about what I enjoy to write, it is my musings and sharing with people when a product either makes my family or life easier. I hope to add many more reviews.

Please don’t ever hesitate to click on the the pictures or links, as they will provide you with a connection to Amazon or more information on the product. Those links will sometimes provide me with a perk that I use to maintain and improve Acting Out Mama!

Thank you for checking in and I hope to provide you with a wealth of amusement and support where ever you are in life.



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