Diary of a Plant Killer: Week 3. Are They Alive?

So, it brings me great happiness to say that I am starting week 3 and the plants are still alive. The pictures below are proof of their living existence. If the trend of keeping them alive continues, I will be brave enough to attempt to grow plants outside. Wish me luck!


I love that this is growing so nicely. It was the first to thrive and I don’t think it hurt that the watering worm was in it to remind me when it needed water.

Thyme Week 3


I truly believe that Parsley may have had some suicidal tendencies. It was the last to sprout and I was already losing faith when it started to show it’s lovely head.

Parsley - Week 3


Here was another problem child, it totally stressed me out with it’s slowly sprouting ways. Out of all of these, this is the one plant I am really excited about, it is going to look and smell beautiful when all is said and done.

Lavender - Week 3


What can I say about Basil, totally rocking it with Thyme. The plant is growing quite nicely. Just realizing that the ones with the watering worms are doing better than the ones without.

Basil - Week 3

Don’t miss the next post in two weeks.

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