To Play or Not to Play Sports?

It’s that time of year again, time to start debating what activities we should have the kids tackle for the spring season. As parents, we are bombarded with articles Sports Momand news reports about the obese epidemic and how important it is to make sure your kids are moving and not sitting in front of a computer or game console all the time. In between, working, school, and social activities; adding a sport can actually be what breaks the camel’s back.

Last fall, my husband and I decided that each child should be in an athletic activity. My daughter tackled soccer and my son baseball. I still remember the days we would be running around trying to get them to the correct activity after they completed their homework and faith formation activities that are also tackled throughout the week. Although my Husband and I try to break up the responsibilities, I am always the “Default” person; that means if he has a meeting or has to be out of town, I have to add that activity to my ever growing task list. I am not in any way kidding, I actually did a happy dance when the season was over.

Being a mother, guilt always sets in if you don’t do your best for the children. Both of my kids love playing sports, but half way through the season they start Sports Sisto miss being home, and having a routine. They love the team atmosphere but also start to show the wear and tear of not having Saturdays at home and having to have multiple activities during school days.

So, I did what probably a lot of Mom’s do: I went online and looked up some pros and cons to having kids in sports.


Personal Development
Children that play sports tend to become more disciplined, self-motivated, and responsible. They learn to sacrifice immediate gratification for long-term gain.

As a mother of a 4th grader that is being taught all the skills mentioned, it sounds like the personal development by athletic skills would be a great way to reinforce what she is being taught.

Physical Fitness
Students who participate in school sports tend to lead healthier and more active Sports Dadlifestyles.

College Preparation
School sports can help students when they are applying to college. School sports may help show that the student has the ability to manage extra-curricular activities and their academic workload.


Students can sometimes lose focus on academics.

Sports can sometimes put unnecessary pressure on students to be the best, which may cause low self-esteem.

Possibility of long term injuries.

My Conclusion

At the end of the day, I will consider how well the children are doing academically before I consider signing them up for a sport.


For those of you who would love to do more research, I have included a link to the article which provided me with my pros and cons list.

If you would like to read about how to make your child’s sports activity a positive one, the book below may be one to consider:

Please remember, these are just different resources out there, they are not by all means the only ones.

Personally, I have decided against sports for the season. In between academics Sports Broand other activities we have going on, it would be too much for us at the moment.

Whatever you decide, good luck!

Don’t hesitate to suggest any other resources you have found while researching the benefits of sports for children.

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