Acting out Mama!

Acting out Mama

Hi, Everyone!

Welcome to Acting Out Mama! I started this website in 2014 as a resource for women out there playing many different roles in their lives.

About a year later, I realized that I wasn’t enjoying myself very much. I had a hard time coming up with posts and pages. I truly enjoyed the posts that helped me keep my sanity or the ones that showed my excitement when I found a new product that either the children or I were absolutely ga ga over. I realized at that moment that I needed to make some changes.

So here it is, this site is going to be a creative process for me. It will contain posts and pages of my journey in this crazy and wonderful life I live. Depending on the day, it will be about whatever role I have to play in society: Mother, Daughter, Wife, Actor, Photographer, Friend, etc. Some may be rooted in truth while others may be fictional (come on, what do you expect from an Artist?). Either way, my hope is it will make you laugh or give you an unexpected perspective.

I toyed with removing all my old posts and starting anew. Then I realized, just like life is a process of learning and at times reinventing, I am going to keep them here to remind myself of my journey. Hopefully, the posts from before the change will still be a value to some.

So follow my journey, be it a chaotic mess of different blog posts, or that one moment you can’t stop laughing because this Mama decided that an ode to a popcorn maker must be shared. Either way, I’m here; for your amusement or a connection to your sense of self.

As a creative person, I also have many other endeavors that you can find online. I have included links on this page to my other two websites: one is my photography website and the other is my acting. Hope you visit and follow them as well.

Thanks so much!

Acting Out Mama!
Natera Photography
Isabel Natera


8 thoughts on “Acting out Mama!”

  1. Great analysis. People who roll their eyes, don’t have a clue.
    Always possible to say when asked “what do you do?”, “More than you can possibly imagine. If I every have time to slow down and define it, I’ll let you be the first to know.” (insert giggles here)

  2. I feel the same as you. Once upon a time I felt defensive when I got a response of “what do you do all day?”. Now I just respond that I sit around all day being fabulous. Makes ME smile, sometimes they smile too. But whether they do or not, I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that every person in my little family is happier, healther, and better off than when I worked full time. Going back to work for a few extra bucks is not worth giving that up. 🙂

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